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Mark symptom checker

My name is Mark. I am a personal medical assistant.
I can automatically diagnose your health and make a preliminary diagnosis. I work on the basis of AI algorithms

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medical conditions


state accuracy

4 times

reduces the time to the result


About app

Nice to meet you

After talking to me, you will get answers to 3 main questions:

Pay attention! I can't replace a doctor's consultation

About app

What about me?

I will ask about the symptoms or signs of the disease, which will help me to understand the possible condition

What to do next?

I will tell about possible medical conditions and will be able to give advice on treatment measures

Where to go?

I will select the appropriate hospitals and doctors so that you receive the most qualified help to solve your problem.

About app

Mark's features

Introduce yourself

Mark will get general information about you. He wants to know you better and be more personalized, especially for you.

History in chat

Easy to find every answer that you send to Mark. He stores all the assessments as chat history.


Body part

Indicate which part of the body you have symptoms. It's easy to choose from the graphic model or find it in the list.

Specify your symptoms

Mark will ask you about the symptoms in the body part that you chose. He will ask additional questions to understand your medical state more precisely.

Your medical state

Easily get your results divided into medical branches and medical conditions. All the results include percent accuracy of analysis

And more...

Find more information about the medical state with a wide range of recommendations and additional symptoms



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Cutomer support

Mark's customer service is always ready to help you with any issue. Thank you for your complicity in the product.

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